If you had the chance to scope out the About page (which, if you haven’t done so, you should most definitely do so HERE), you probably saw that Trek has just recently converted into a fledgling reality from what was—just six months ago, in fact—a crazy idea. 

I remember the day Tyler and I were sitting in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia this past August. Tyler had visited Ecuador (where I now spend most of my time) in May and then had taken a trip alone to Nepal in the summer and was thinking out loud about his experiences. He had been rambling on about his idea all afternoon and came to a sort of confusion: “This is what I want to do, travel and help people! But I just don’t know how to start.”

Being a great friend—and also secret genius—, I knew exactly what Tyler had to do. “Dude,” I said (as I often do), “you have to get people to help you.” And (of course) I was right. 

Tyler started messaging friends, family, and even some random acquaintances with lots of skills, to see what they thought of the idea. Not only did we receive some incredible input (and if you’re reading this and gave that input, you have made our little hearts so glad), but we also had an overwhelming response from people wanting to help. 

We want to start this journey off right by saying thank you. Thank you for your excitement. Thank you for wanting to be a part of helping meet the vast need around the world. And thank you most of all for putting up with my very cheesy sense of humor while reading this. 

We look forward to all that is on the horizon and we welcome your input and ideas (there are lots of secret geniuses out there, I’m sure!).

More to come soon!


Trekking together,