"Traveling has always been about connection for me. While I was in Ecuador, I was drawn to its scenic landscapes, culture, and people.

     I felt connection to the Ecuadorian Landscapes.  The vastness of the Andes Volcanoes was humbling and it produced a piercing silence that drove my mind to introspection. On the bus ride to the clinics, we were surrounded by green mountainside tiered for farming and radiating the life of Ecuador. The beauty of the natural world and the knowledge of where I was heightened my sense of connection.

     I felt connection to the people of Ecuador. Chasing a soccer ball with a group of children from the mountain communities we served made my heart race and transformed my worries to exhilaration and laughter. Running and laughing is a powerful healer. And as our doctors showed compassion in healing their patients, I again felt connection. The care of a 90-year-old Ecuadorian indigenous woman brought me to tears. A lonely elder, her daughter had moved away to the big city. She needed to be talked to, she needed to be cared for, and she needed love. With their simple touch and words of understanding, our doctors showed me how compassion and tenderness can be the greatest treatment, and that at the root of it all there is connection."


In preparation for the first official Trek trip, we ask you to help us raise the money to bring a team of 12 medical students/physicians/and physical therapists to help treat 700 people in Ecuador this July! Be a part of the coalition by donating here: https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/FIBUSPAMInc/Trek.html

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