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This year we treated 972 patients in all, 300 more than the previous summer. Beyond providing general health care, we were able to perform eye surgery and offer women’s healthcare in the villages we visited this year. We were encouraged to see the impact this made in the lives of the people who came to our clinics.

In one village we met a patient named Maria, who was in desperate need of reading glasses. We gave her a few pairs to try and quickly found some that worked for her. When she looked down and realized she was able to read she began to cry. It’s an incredibly simple thing to help someone try on glasses, but for Maria her life is changed by having the ability to read.

We are so grateful for your contributions that allow us to help patients like Maria. Two years ago, Trek Coalition was just a dream. Now, with our diverse team made of driven volunteers and funded by people like you, we are able to reach more people than we had ever hoped. We want to sincerely thank you for your generosity and can’t wait to build upon this momentum we’ve created together.